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At Pacific Spirit United Church we create space for conversations that matter. Conversations about God, Christ and the Holy Spirit, and our relationship with God and each other. Conversations about life, and death, and what it means to lead a ‘good life’ in a complex time. At Pacific Spirit faith and intellect are not in conflict, and we believe God welcomes questions, even as we search for answers.


But we’re not just about conversations! In response to God’s love for community and creation we seek to identify areas of service and to make a difference in the world. We understand that living in this way, with the support of others, is part of the way we live out our relationship with God, and into being disciples of Jesus.

We value the energy and wisdom of children and the elders and everyone in between. We value people who are at a variety of places in their faith life, and who hold different worldviews. Through grappling with faith, engagement with community, and encounters with the sacred through the arts, Pacific Spirit offers rich opportunities to grow in relationship with the Holy Other – with God! We’d invite you to wander around the rest of our website, check out the message from our ministry teamcontact us, or come and meet us, if you wish to get to know us more.


Our Commitment Pacific Spirit United Church, A Christian community: Living lives of meaning, through faith, service and God’s love.


In God’s ever re-creating world, we are formed anew, open to possibilities.


We trust God is leading us. A Christian community, welcoming seekers, questioners and believers; A Diverse, Affirming and Reconciling congregation.


We find expressions of Jesus’ love in The wisdom of our children; The elders who hold a rich heritage; The grace of those in between; Action, compassion and caring; Attentiveness to Creation; Hearts open to the Divine.


We draw closer to the Holy through Worship that transforms; Spiritual practices that deepen faith; Hands and hearts offered in justice, responding to the world; Scripture and study that lead us to radical wonder; Music that opens us to awe; The Arts as an expression of the Sacred.


Many ways to enter; many ways to engage; many ways to respond to the Spirit’s call.


Pacific Spirit United Church: Living lives of meaning…


The Strategic Ministry Plan is grounded by the Commitment Statement (“Commitment”).


It is the practical expression of what we will do to live out our Commitment.



We are a Diverse, Affirming and Reconciling congregation. - from the Pacific Spirit United Church Commitment Statement


We believe that our unique identities are a part of God's gracious abundance and that diversity in humanity is a gift.


As a member of the Affirm network of churches, we declare ourselves, our programs and all aspects of our church life as fully inclusive of people of all gender identities, gender expressions and sexual orientations.


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