The Council is primarily responsible for the oversight of the spiritual interests of the congregation. It is entrusted by the congregation to do its work because of Council members’ history, wisdom and commitment to the vision of the congregation and the SMP. All of the Council’s decisions – spiritual and temporal – must be discerned in light of this responsibility. The Council is ultimately responsible for the Spiritual Matters, Financial Matters, Pastoral Relations Matters, Proposals, Recommendation of Members to the Regional Council for wider ministry, Property Matters, Representation to the Regional Council, Reporting, Records, Reports from the Wider Church, Statistics and other responsibilities as laid out in sections B.7.4.1-12. The Council is also responsible for decisions in respect of the hiring and termination of employment of all personnel (other than members of the order of ministry, for which the congregation is responsible).



Coordinating Minister

Recording Secretary



Chair, Children, Youth and Families

Chair, In-Reach

Chair, Outreach

Chair, Spiritual Nurture

Chair, Worship and Music

Chair, Finance

Chair, Ministry & Personnel

Chair, Property Oversight

Chair, Trustees

Member at Large

Member at Large

Member at Large

Mark Paetkau

Maggie Enwright

Donna-Lee Graham

Elinor Wilson

Heather Swallow

Kathryn Urquhart

Sally Ball

Maggie Hosgood

Chris Epting

Paul Westwick

Julie Poznanski

Arthur Ross

Janis Esau

Rolly McLeod

Gordon Esau

Dorothy Hamilton

John Smith

Pacific Spirit United Church

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