Worship using word, image, symbol, gesture and prayer opens us to the Holy. At Pacific Spirit United Church, music from across the centuries is performed by multiple choral groups. Whether Gregorian Chant or spirituals, major choral works or electric guitar, music cracks us open in awe; the Arts as an expression of the Sacred.


Pacific Spirit United Church offers a number of ways for people in the congregation and community to engage the holy in music. From our own musical ensembles – the Chamber Choir, the Singers, Pneuma Voices, Convivia, and the Band – to the community choirs who we support and host, including the Vancouver Bach Children’s Choir, the United Voices Choir, Elektra, EnChor, Chor Leoni and Post Modern Camerata – to other musical organizations. We hope that you’ll find something that interests you. 

For more information about our music programs, click here for the choirs and ensembles page: 

If you are interested in being involved in any of our music programs, please feel free to contact either our Director of Music: Bryn Nixon (, or by contacting the church.

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Faith and the Arts


At Pacific Spirit United Church, we understand that God is present in every moment of our lives – from the “high holy” moments to the “mundane, everyday” ones. We also understand that we experience God in moments of beauty, which can be found in both the difficult and the joyful parts of our lives.


It becomes important for us to experience God’s presence with more than only our ability to think. We believe that it is important to engage our hands and our hearts, too. From Art Installations as part of our worship services, to a drama team, to excursions to other events, we search for ways to connect the Arts and our faith.

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