Strategic Ministry Plan

What’s a Strategic Ministry Plan (SMP)? It is the document created to guide our congregation’s ministry for the next few years. The time frame for our current SMP is 3 years (until December 31, 2021).


Here are the guiding principles that shape our SMP:


  • The SMP is grounded by the Commitment Statement (“Commitment”).  It is the practical expression of what we will do to live out our Commitment.


  • The SMP aims to build on what has been working well, while growing those ministries not yet fully developed. It represents a balance between aspiration and realism, acknowledging our staffing, volunteer and financial capacities.


  • The SMP is not intended to be directive, but sets priorities and goals within key ministries for the period until we are re-established at West 45th. (The SMP committee will recommend a time frame ).


  • Many ministries are interconnected and the work of any ministry may appear in more than one category. (Arts and music for example are both in and outside of worship). The ministries and their priorities are included in this document in no particular order.

The following key ministries have been identified:

  • Worship (including Music in Worship)

  • In Reach (including Hospitality, Local Community and Community Building)

  • Children, Youth and Families

  • Spiritual Nurture and Small Group Ministries (Including Pastoral Care and Healing Ministries)

  • Outreach (including the Environment and Social Justice)

  • The Arts as an expression of the Sacred (including Music in other contexts)


If you would like to know more about these committees and their activities, please click:


An update on the Strategic Ministry Plan may be accessed here: 

Strategic Ministry Plan Update (December, 2018)


Our Governance Structure may be accessed here:

Governance Structure

Our current list of council members is accessible at the link below: 

Our most recent annual report is available below:

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