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Godly Play - Sunday Mornings

The heart of Godly Play is…

  • Creating sacred space

  • Building & working in community

  • Nurturing spiritual development

  • Learning religious language

  • Using silence, story and play to make meaning


There are two Godly Play rooms on Sunday mornings at Pacific Spirit United Church. One room will accommodate children in preschool through grade 1. The other room with welcome children in Grades 2 to 5. The Godly Play program is supported by a dedicated and trained team of paid and volunteer leaders. On Communion Sundays and on Sundays when volunteer or staff leadership is insufficient for two Godly Play Rooms, 3 to 10 year olds will gather in one Godly Play Room.

Grades 6 to 12 - Sunday Morning Program

Children in grade 6 and up will gather with a leader each Sunday morning to explore the stories of our faith through a variety of curricula and program resources.  Sunday morning sessions will focus on working with the stories of our faith; exploring faith practices and rituals and why we do what we do; discovering God’s call for each individual, regardless of age or depth of religious education. Programs will include Godly Play; liturgical practices; curricula designed around various topic (eg. How to Read the Bible; Faith and the Environment; Our Place in the Cosmos; How to Recognize and Respond to God’s Call; and much, much more). This group will also remain in the sanctuary on communion Sundays and Sunday when the service focus on something that might be of special interest to the youth of the congregation. The Grade 6 to 12 Sunday Morning Program will be led by a dedicated group of volunteers. If volunteers are unavailable, this group will be invited to participate in Godly Play or join the adults in the sanctuary for worship.

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