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 Welcome to
Pacific Spirit United Church 

  You are welcome here!  

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 Welcome to
Pacific Spirit United Church 


Worship Services

10:00am Sunday Worship

5:15pm Wednesday Vespers

Community Postings

Get to Know Us

At Pacific Spirit United Church we create space for conversations that matter. Conversations about God, and our relationship with God and each other. Conversations about life, and death, and what it means to lead a ‘good life’ in a complex time. At Pacific Spirit faith and intellect are not in conflict, and we believe God welcomes questions, even as we search for answers.

We value people who are at a variety of places in their faith life, and who hold different worldviews. Through grappling with faith, engagement with community, and encounters with the sacred through the arts, Pacific Spirit offers rich opportunities to grow in relationship with the Holy Other – with God! 

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Worship Schedule

Worship With Us

Sunday Service

Sundays Starting at 10 am

With community coffee Time to follow across the street in the Memorial Centre

Midweek Vesper Service with Pneuma Children's Choir

Wednesdays Starting at 5:15 pm

Choir Rehearsal begins at 4:00pm

To learn more about the Pneuma Choir, please click the link below:

Christmas Pine Tree

Christmas Eve Services

  • 10am - Christmas Morning Service

  • 4pm - Family Friendly Service

  • 9pm - Candlelight Service

Mosaic Fower Tiles

If you would like to receive our weekly community newsletter, please email:

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