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Pneuma Choir

If you or your child would like to join the Pneuma Choir,

please click the link below to access the online registration form: 

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The Pneuma Choir at Pacific Spirit

Worship using word, image, symbol, gesture and prayer opens us to the Holy. At Pacific Spirit United Church, music from across the centuries is performed by multiple choral groups. Whether Gregorian Chant or spirituals, major choral works or electric guitar, music cracks us open in awe; the Arts as an expression of the Sacred.

What is the Pneuma Choir

Pneuma (pronounced ’noomah’  a spirit, soul, or creative force) is a children’s music program (ages 7 and up) developed and supported by Pacific Spirit United Church. It is directed by Bryn Nixon and Anna Chen. Pneuma’s goal is to offer outstanding music instruction in a sacred space. We welcome both children who do not study music privately and those who are already involved in private lessons or other choir programs.


* Free weekly vocal coaching 
* Gain performance experience as part of our weekly worship service. 

* Be a part of a supportive community.

* Pacific Spirit United does not charge a fee to join the Pneuma Choir. Space is limited so please register early.

* Every Wednesday 4 PM - 6 PM


For more information please contact Bryn Nixon at​​

Pneuma is the young people’s music training program administered by Pacific Spirit United Church. Children and Youth, ages 7 and up, form this dynamic choir and music training program which is made up of two critical parts: Wednesday services and weekly coaching.


Choir rehearsals are followed by the weekly Wednesday Vespers Service, which is led by the Pneuma Choir. Pneuma participants also receive weekly private voice coaching with professional level singers as staff. In this way, Pneuma is a full rounded training, performance, and worship program.


Pneuma draws its roots from the fundamental one on one teaching relationship found in good music schools, and combines it with careful and sensitive listening and caring for our young people’s spiritual life. We are proud of our personal relationships with the young singers, and our musical results as well.


Pneuma is the principle choir for the Wednesday Vespers Service. If you have not had an opportunity to come and be a part of the Wednesday Vespers, please join us at 5:15 for the service. You will see the energy, the enthusiasm, and the magic of the future.

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