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Convivia Vocal Ensemble

Pacific Spirit’s ‘Convivia’ (meaning ‘banquet or party) is our women's 4 voice vocal ensemble. 


Convivia sings mostly a cappella with a repertoire ranging from Medieval chants, Renaissance songs, polyphony and traditional & classical music to works by contemporary women composers. 


Since 2010, Convivia has been the musical voice of Pacific Spirit's annual contemplative Women’s Advent Service, a fundraiser for the WISH Drop-in Centre for Women. The ensemble enjoys singing for other services, benefit concerts, and events at Pacific Spirit United Church, other churches and out in the greater Vancouver community. 


As our name suggests, singing in Convivia is a festive, fun and collaborative experience as we bring together our voices, ideas, and our hearts.

The Convivial Vocal Ensemble at Pacific Spirit

The Convivia Vocal Ensemble is a festive, fun and collaborative 4 voice vocal ensemble.

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