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Weddings at Pacific Spirit United Church

*As an open, inclusive, and celebratory community of faith, Pacific Spirit United Church celebrates marriages between couples of all gender combinations.​

The congregation and staff of Pacific Spirit United Church are pleased that you wish to be married according to the forms and traditions of Christian marriage, and that you wish to have the ceremony performed at our church.


We think marriage is a beautiful relationship involving deep commitments and a lasting covenant. It is our mission to interpret God’s blessing as best we can, and to do whatever we can to help make both the event of your wedding and your marriage rich and meaningful.


Our first goal is to present the gospel of Jesus Christ in such a way as to make it relevant to you as you begin your married lives, with a view to encouraging a lifelong commitment both to God’s grace, and to developing a satisfying marriage.


We also want to develop, along with you, a wedding ceremony that can evoke a deep sense of the “holy” and provide an appropriate beginning for your marriage.

For more information, please click the link below.

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